by Excel Blades, Inc.

* Useful for art, hobby, craft, home and industrial purposes

* For cutting, trimming, scoring, carving and stripping of paper, plastic, wood, cloth and film

* Product details:

* One surgically sharp E24 blade included

* 4-Jaw machined aluminum chuck

* Snug fitting plastic safety cap

* 7/16" diameter x 4" long aluminum barrel (less blade)

* From bulk purchasing - no factory card or packaging

* Made in the U.S.A.


***CAUTION: All blades have razor sharp edges: HANDLE WITH CARE***


PLEASE NOTE: Item listed has sharp blade(s) and is not a toy. It will present a hazard for children; recommended for ages 18 years and older.


#2 Heavy Duty Knife with Safety Cap

SKU: EXC18002