Southern USRA  2-8-2 Heavy Mikado by Broadway Limited Imports

  • Paragon3 Sound & Operation System
  • Prototypical Operation in both DC and DCC environments
  • Integral DCC Decoder with Back EMF for Industry Best Slow Speed Operation in DC and DCC
  • Precision Drive Mechanism engineered for continuous heavy load towing and smooth slow speed operation
  • Premium Caliber Painting with Authentic Paint Schemes
  • Prototypical Light Operation with Golden White LED Headlight
  • Die Cast Body with Die Cast chassis for Maximum Tractive Effort
  • Traction Tires for Additional Tractive Effort
  • (2) Operating MicroTrains #1015 or Compatible Couplers
  • Separately Applied Handrails, Ladders, Whistle, and Brass Bell
  • Will Operate on Code 55, 70, and 80 Rail
  • Recommended Minimum Radius: 9.75 inches

Please Note: This item is a scale model rather than a toy and may be a hazard for children. Recommended for ages 14 years and older.


(N) USRA 2-8-2 Heavy Mikado Steam Locomotive - Southern