• This dry, white, non-toxic modeling material produces objects that are very lightweight, strong and durable. It combines the best features of clay, plaster, and papier mache. Clings to almost all clean surfaces and can be applied to an armature or any core without fear of cracking. Mix with water as directed. Sets in 30 minutes


  • This exceotionally white paper amche product is non-toxic, comes in powder form, and mixes with water to form a paste which then can be modeled or applied over an armature. Claycrete® starts setting up in 30 minutes, then detailed modeling can be done. Additions will stick to the form without any problem, because it will cling to any clean surface, but will not stick to the hands.

    One pound of Claycrete® will make 97.5 cubic inches or 18 bags will make 1 cubic foot of solid material.

PLEASE NOTE: Item may present a hazard for younger children. Recommended for ages 14 Years and older.

Sculptamold® 3lb Bag

SKU: AAC41821C