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An easy and convenient method for modeling lightweight land contours and terrain base. The plaster-coated cloth creates a durable hard shell, designed to accept Earth Colors™ Liquid Pigment, paints, plaster castings and landscape materials easily, with realistic results. Use to fill seems or gaps around rocks, tunnels, and terrain to blend terrain features.

  • C1203 Standard Roll -  One roll 8" wide  x 15 feet long. Will cover 10 square feet.
  • C1192 Triple Roll - One roll 8" wide x 45 feet long. Will cover 30 square feet.
  • C1191 Narrow Roll - One roll 4" wide x 15 feet long. Will cover 5 square feet.
  • C1193 Sheets - 30 sheets/pkg - 8" x 12". Will cover 19.8 square feet. Package doubles as a dipping and storage tray.

PLEASE NOTE: Item may present a hazard for younger children. Recommended for ages 14 Years and older.

Plaster Cloth

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